Cerveja Cassandra - Branding

Cerveja Cassandra - Branding

Cassandra beer is a craft beer lager and IPA, which brings the idea of being a full-bodied beer, for a demanding audience, who takes beer seriously. Produced with 100% natural and premium ingredients, it is a beer made for those who like to appreciate it.

Cassandra was a name chosen for being feminine and strong, with the purpose of creating provocation to sexism and also attracting the female public.

Despite being full-bodied, the beer is light, the result of previous research with women, in order to outline the ideal profile of beer that brings balance in flavor for both audiences - male and female.

We developed a new label and logo for the Cassandra beer project, creating the typography in the predefined colors, on the packaging, the special limited edition, the gift bag for the customer, a special box for long neck bottles, all stationery, t-shirts, and also application of a subway panel.

We also applied the example of the new identity to an Instagram post, and cover for the Facebook launch event.


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