Koletivo Kustom - Branding

Koletivo Kustom - Branding

A young entrepreneur from Santa Catarina requested the creation of a logo for his new business: a cafe moto bar with a customization workshop and t-shirt shop.

We created the logo based on the proposal, with a rustic style, using arrows, a custom bobber-style motorcycle, a jeep, and the most produced fish in the state of SC, tilapia, which is the most produced fish in the country and represents 75.9 % of Santa Catarina's total production, and nothing like that symbol to represent the state, moreover, the concept was also based on one of the client's hobbies, fishing.

We created all the Koletivo Kustom branding, including the cups and packaging for the coffee bar, the first prints of the T-shirts, and the stationery.


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